Tuesday, December 28, 2010

webcam fun

This took me forever to align!! And looking at the preview I had to align it again..Why won't you let me put three to a row easily, Blogger, why must you make it so difficult? lol, moving on! So this is me playing with the webcam program that is on my new netbook that my dad got me for Christmas <3. There were some funny warps and I had a lot of fun making myself look hideous instead of gorgeous as usual ^_~. Have fun laughing at my funny faces :3


  1. These are pretty funny! Reminds me of this video:

    Seriously laughed so hard I was crying!

  2. oh man, that was extremely hilarious!! hahaha, I love when she's like "hey, how you are you?"
    Thanks for the comment and the follow! I totally squeed aloud and said "Blix just followed me, holy cow!" :D