Sunday, December 19, 2010

Made myself some more eyeshadow..

So I have to say it, I love TKB! I can't brag about it enough when I talk about the ez-eyeshadow kit I convinced my boyfriend to get me. Since getting the kit, I've made about 80 eye shadows! I still have some mica left, and after about 40 or so stopped writing down my recipes, and now I'm just trying to use up the last of the pigment! I was unsure about having enough bags, so I ordered an extra 100 small baggies which I found much more useful than the larger ones the kit comes with. They go straight from my production to my makeup shelf :).I also got three extra samples of mica and some magnesium myristrate for a little base.I have one small baggie left, so I have a few eye shadows in the larger bags. It started out like this...

With a little holographic glitter as well! I actually like to use this more on top of my eyeshadow than in the mixing of it.
My swatches started out a little under a dozen...
(this is a graphic intense post!)

 got bigger..
 and bigger!
 Until I had no choice but to break down my swatches into color families..all of these can be clicked and you can look at the larger picture!
and my measly pink collection..of course, after this I just kept going! I tried to photograph all of my eyeshadows on my bathroom counter, but the bathroom isn't wide enough!

And even after this shot..I realized I had forgotten ones that I had in jars, and I have also made some for friends and family, which puts my count over 80! What inspired this post is I just made a batch of 11 new shades over the past two days, a particularly productive round for me as I usually do 2-3 at a time. I've been trying to use my mica up and have not be afraid to use a lot, so some of these 11 are much heavier than the ones that came before them.Some of the colors swatch extremely different than the look in the bag.
 It started out with these eight is really hard to catch the true deep color of that blue, I really love it!
And then I did three more today, added here. You can see the progress of the last three, as I swatched them as I went along to tweak the color I wanted out of them. For 9 I wanted it much pinker, for 10 I wanted a lighter, matte color, and for 11 I really wanted a silver-gold sort of color. I really like the result of all 11 shadows. #5 is actually my attempt at a dupe for a color that I have from another company that I have and just don't want to run out of. It is actually extremely close.
 These homemade colors dominate the top of my makeup shelf, and are usually the colors I go to now.
 Here are the potted pigments that I forgot in the other shots.

Some of my favorite looks using my own custom eyeshadows...

I have loads, but the boyfriends is begging me to stop blogging now and come play! Hmm, can I steal the ps3 and play assasins creed? lol

So there it is. If you didn't see the clickable links before, here there are again;
ez eyeshadow kit;


  1. Bloody hell, you went to town! I love the last look you posted. I'd like to get some stuff from TKB but I just can't justify it, I know I'd go crazy and have no room to store anything!

  2. Thank you so much! :) It's true, storage would be an issue. If I had enough pots for all of those baggies, I'd need a tackle box to hold them all! Especially in this last batch, a few of those baggies could fill more than one 5 gram pot I suspect.

  3. I'm getting this for my best friend's birthday - she's into art and loves colors - and I'm really excited just thinking about her reaction and how much she is going to HATE me for giving her this! Now, after looking at your post, I'm pondering getting one set for myself to play with too! Ugh, too many pretty colors!

    Have you tried making any frankens with that holographic glitter? I'd be quite interested in knowing how well it is as a polish.

    Love your blog thus far, please keep blogging!

  4. Wow, the pigments I've gotten from glittersniffer run about 6.50 for 5g pot. Ordering from TKB and making your own (and using the green option and printing off my own recipe/instruction booklet to save $3) would save tons of money. It's $19 for the DIY kit so that would make each 5g pot I make myself 76 cents, a total savings of $5.74 per 5g pot. Yeah I know what my next purchase is going to be now, Thanks :)

  5. @ Suki.X
    What an awesome friend! :D If she loves creating things, your friend will definitely love this kit. The only reason I can see hating you for it, is for all the storage it's gonna take for all the beautiful eye shadows she'll make :D I would definitely suggest this to anyone who loves makeup- srrsly. I didn't think I'd be able to keep going and going and going, but it was so easy and so fun!
    I haven't tried any frankens yet, but I'm considering it now that I'm finally running out (purposefully I might add, I had to start using copious amounts, lol!)But I know for a fact all of the mica can be added to clear polish to create your own :D I think that may be my next project with my 'left over' mica.
    Thanks for the comment and the read :D

    @Anon- Sadly, I found out in some of my searches that several of the glittersniffer pigments that she originally sold were repackaged mica, meaning she bought a giant portion of TKB mica, and resold it pot by pot at a huge profit for her. So considering, making your own with TKB is MUCH better! :D And not only that, you can really focus on making colors you want, and you know that they won't get replaced with some other color that you don't want ^_~.
    With as many as I made (with some being more than one 5g pots worth) my eyeshadows are worth about 43 cents per! That is insane isn't it? :D Insanely awesome.
    Thank YOU for coming to my blog and commenting :D

  6. I want that 4th color in the browns group

  7. I get a little overwhelmed when I think about it too! :D

  8. I love it!! I only made like 5 with my kit but it is so much fun :D

  9. I love the colors! #11 is my fave!