Thursday, December 2, 2010

1.0 my first tutorial

Welcome all! So here is my first eyeshadow tutorial! First I want to give you a little glance into the tools I use and my make-up stash.

Here are the brushes I use.

I have four brushes that I regularly use. The first is my 'white' brush. I only ever use this tiny little brush to put on my white highlight shadow, I really like how the small square brush head smooths out the pigments and can really spread it as thin or thick as I want. The second brush is my most used brush, this brush is a medium sized brush with a fanned end. I use it for applying the pigments over my entire eye, including lining along the bottom portion of my eye if I'm doing that for a look. The third huge brush there is my blending brush, I use it for pulling out the shadow, usually right above the crease.  The fourth brush there I only use for my eyebrows, I haven't found many other uses for it yet.
 This is my eyeliner brush, a small angled brush that is used only for doing my eyeliner. Lately I've only been using this Jane eye zing black pigment for eyeliner. I just wet the brush, get a little bit a pigment on the brush and go.
 Now here is my little make-up stash. At the top we have the TKB shadows that I created myself using their EZ eyeshadow kit, there is currently about 50 eye shadows there and I still have a lot of material left from the kit to continue making more. On the second shelf is my stash of 'Glittersniffer' eye shadows. I like what I have, but have mixed feelings about the company that I don't want to get into detail about at this time.Well, that wraps up my tools and make-up stash portion, now onto the tutorial! I'm going to be explaining it as simply and basically as I can, so if it's something you already know, sorry!

Yikes! Ok, so we begin with a clean face, but don't worry, you don't have to make this face while preparing, haha. Ignore my stress rash there, school has been kickin' my butt and stressing me out :).
 Now, I always start with my 'main' color. Chosen specifically on the request of my besty, Cymone, who will be co-starring on the blog to teach us how to make some delicious delicious food. Moving on! So I put down the pigment in the center of my eye, making a sort of fan shape. I want it much wider at the top than the bottom, and I don't worry about getting it all the way down to the lash line because I know that I will be adding a darker color on the edge, and maybe even putting eyeliner on.
 Next I add the darker color that I want on the outer eye and crease area. You want to spread the darker shade in a large sideways v-shape along your crease and lash line, leaving an area of blended shade between your main shade and the darker shade. This create a very nice sort of 'smoky' look when your eye is open.
You can see how this works with my eye open. I also smooth that darker color along the bottom portion of my eye to about mid-point of my eye. If you circle your entire eye with one color it tends to start to look like the "racoon girl" face.
Now I wanted to lighten up the rest of my eye, so I took my small brush and spread some white eyeshadow over the entire eyelid that was left bare. I also blend it up and slightly above the yellow and the purple. Putting white on your inner eye area really brightens your eyes and makes them appear larger. At this point I would put on my eyeliner and mascara. But I did this look at about 2-3 AM a couple days ago, so I was a little rushed and tired. :) Also it would be hard to textually describe how to put your eyeliner on. I plan on making a few video tutorials in the future, so that will be one of the first things I focus on.
And there you have it, a one eye tutorial with purple yellow and white. Hopefully that was informative enough to help you guys copy what I do! :D


  1. I've been doing it all wrong. It's no wonder mine never looks really nice like yours does.