Monday, December 13, 2010

2.0 Double Kill!

Haha, I guess I've been playing too much Battlefield; Bad Company 2 :) Well I have two looks today to attempt to present to you with enough detail that you guys may copy, expand upon, just look at the pretty colors, whatevs!

On the left side of the photo we have a dark silver (only silvers I have unfortunately, this would pop! a lot more if it was brighter) black and purple. On the right we have a white, light pink and then super hot dark pink.
Read on for the tutorial!

So let's start! I've got the hard candy glitter stick applied to my entire lid, past where I want the shadow to extend to. I'll start with the silver/black/purple look.
Start with your silver, I wanted that to be the main color of most of the lid, so instead of breaking the colors into thirds, I swiped this color across most of my lid leaving a small triangle at the edge of my lid.
 Then I took the darkest pigment I had, this is a really really really dark blue, pretty impossible to tell really, haha. but I smoothed that color into the corner and in the same v shaped sweeping motion along the edge as I used in my previous tutorial. Look at those bags, oh my!
 Next I took a very vibrant purple and lightly patted the color on top of the black area, trying to lightly blend it into the silver. I also lined the bottom of my eye with the purple.

 This look would be awesome to go out in! Super dark and interesting.
Now onto the bright pink look. I started out with white and smoothed that over half my lid, sweeping high and also covering the brow bone area.
Blended out towards the edge of my brow.
 I forgot to take a picture of just the light pink! But if you click you can see the large photo and you can see where the two colors merge. I very lightly blended the light pink into the white, and then took the bright pink and put it on the outer eyelid and crease area.
 This is a fun look that I would wear to school with a very pin-up like lashing of eyeliner and some mascara.
Now for a silly face photo!
Thanks for reading <3

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