Saturday, December 3, 2011

Virus Insanity Eyeshadows; New Logo!

So I haven't been on top of things lately, I know! I have severely been lacking in the posts department lately.
Remember me mentioning that I was working with the owner of Virus Insanity Eyeshadows? Well, a few weeks ago she released the new logo! So here she is, the gorgeous VIE girl. I believe there are plans to name her sooner or later. :) I may also be working with her again during the Christmas break ^_~. The jars are in the universe now! First Jenni printed our girl out the day after I sent her the full graphics, bringing at least 100 jars with her to a little hometown expo where she nearly sold out. And now people are receiving the gorgeous girl. Oooh I just can't wait to receive my package!

After her logo, I made one for Simply Sweet Skin :) If I go by what my mom says, she and my cousin love the icon, telling me that she thought it was adorable and very professional looking. Sweet, just what I was going for! :)
Now I'm working on a blog logo for fellow nerdy blogger, The Beauty and The Games. So I've been a busy, busy girl between school, tutoring other students, and drawing logos!! Hopefully I shall be able to post some more in the upcoming weeks. :) I have many a lost look stored up!

Final Lab Review; Anatomy 2.

So this is gonna be a picture heavy post, and I'm gonna have to link to pictures other than my own to give a truly comprehensive review (for histology). I'll probably post this before I'm done and slowly keep adding onto it. Hopefully it will be finished by tomorrow night!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Facial Fridays

Even though it's actually sounds better though! I've been planning on doing these posts for awhile now, but the procrastination bug not only caught me but seems to have taken up residence. School and tutoring just burns me out and by the end of the day I just want to sleep, or do something mindless before sleeping.

Anyways! I got a face mask sampler pack from Simply Sweet Skin (link to her facebook page) and so far I've tried out three; the rosehips mask, the sea kelp mask, and the milk & honey mask.

I'm loving these things! So far I like the rosehips mask best, even though it makes me look very politically incorrect..I only took pictures of the steps for the rosehips mask, but I've been doing the same thing with the other two masks I've tried.

My kitties were very curious about what I had. 

So here we go! I have been doing a honey+baking soda mask for awhile, I just mix everything up in a glass top. So I just used the same process for these masks.
I took out a small spoonful and dumped it into the middle top.
 Mixed up a glob of honey, which totally looks gross.
 Swirl it all around and make a paste.
 Then I use the spoon to smoosh it around my face, oh yeah, I look so attractive here :). I left it on about 15 minutes, and then gently rinsed with cold water.
 Same thing goes for the sea kelp mask, except it looked like baby poo. XD

I personally have combo skin, I tend to have dry cheeks and an oily T-zone. The rosehip mask felt the best to me, the sea kelp left me slightly dry on my cheeks so I think it'd be good for more oily skin. The milk & honey mask didn't leave me feeling too dry, but it didn't get me as soft as the rosehips mask did. :) I can't wait to try out some of the others, and I'm even splitting a few to bring to a friend at school who wanted to try some out on her mom. :)
So how many of you like to do facial masks, has anyone else tried out SSS? :)

Also, here are some benefits of the ingredients in the masks. Now these are benefits of the individual ingredients, there is no guarantee or scientific proof, it's just things the ingredients are known for. :) (under the cut due to the list being really long!)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Thinking Pink for Team Pink Eye! :)

10.14.11So I signed up to blog with Team Pink Eye to raise awareness for breast cancer this month! They are raising money for the Susan G. Komen foundation, and you can find more information about it on their team page, they have almost raised 1/3 of their goal so far!

So far, week one went great, 300 dollars and several give-a-way winners! For every Friday this month participating bloggers are posting our pink looks to show we are "Passionately Pink." These giveaways are all sponsored by Team Pink Eye, through donations from many indie companies, and all donations go straight to the Susan G. Komen foundation. The giveaway I'm participating in was sponsored by Darling Girl Cosmetics!

DGC created an adorable pink eye shadow just for these giveaways, Twin Peaks! A gorgeous, shimmery light, lavender pink. If you don't win, for the entire month of October DGC will be donating 25 cents from each sale of Twin Peaks to the charity. This giveaway closes at 10pm CST on Sunday, October 16th, 2011. Winners will be picked up and notified by Monday October 17th, 2011. Be sure to check out the Team Pink Eye blog to see the winners!

Entry requirements; To enter ALL of the giveaways for the week, not just mine, a 5$ donation is required to the team (done here!). After you donate, please leave a comment on this post, and leave your name and email address, be sure to use the same name when you donate/comment here so that we can keep track and match everyone up appropriately. To see the other bloggers who are doing giveaways, check out the Team Pink Eye page!

Here is my pink look for the week, I went soft and sweet with it, using Mew by VIE, Starlight Honeymoon Therapy and Rainbow Moon Heartache from Persephone. :)


Good Luck!!

*Giveaways are sponsored by Team Pink Eye and respective sellers. Susan G Komen is not sponsoring the giveaways. All procceeds collected for the giveaways go directly to Susan G Komen Positively Pink for the Cure.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Quick and Easy--Queso con carne!

I've got another quick and easy for you this week, queso con carne! Now, this is not the healthiest of dinners, I admit. It's not something we often, but it is definitely yummy! Ingredients below include; Marvella or really, off-brand Velveeta, a can of white queso, a package of hot pork sausage, and then I chopped up half an onion and a whole green pepper. I had an extra pack of peppers out in case I thought I needed more, but I didn't end up using them.
Throw down that meat! Seasoned with salt&pepper, and garlic powder (hmm, I think we are addicted to that stuff!).
Once the meat is browned and drained, throw the veggies into another pan to saute. I didn't want them to not cook in the meat, or to get soggy, that's why I cook them a bit separately. After they are browned to my desire, I toss them into the meat.
Add about half of the velveeta log, and the whole can of white queso. Stir until melted, serve with tortilla chips. :) Yummy, and quick. This recipe takes around 20-30 minutes from prep to finish. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Human Anatomy -- Blood cells

         ///I wrote this several weeks ago and thought I had posted it!! Oh well, here it is a little late :)

       It's the beginning of the semester, so it's time for our normal nerdy posts, as seen by my chemistry post yesterday. Today I shall be more informative in my post about the blood! Blood is fascinating, did you know it is considered a connective tissue? It also has many, many, small components to it, small interesting components that are vital to our survival.

         So our blood is broken down into two major components, blood cells and plasma. Most of us know we have two different types of blood cells, white blood cells (WBC) and red blood cells (RBC). The more scientific names are leukocytes and erythrocytes, respectively. We only have one type of RBC, but they are very complex cells, and they have no nucleus. They consist of several hundred million hemoglobin molecules per blood cell.

         Each hemoglobin has two alpha globins and two beta globins, in the middle of this mesh of globins is a heme group that has an iron on it, hence hemoglobin. :) RBCs make up about 45% of the components in the blood, plasma makes up about 55% and WBCs and platelet cells make up the remaining 1%.

          Now, WBCs only make up a minute part of our blood, but there are actually several different types of these cells. They are broken down into granulated and agranulated cells.
          The granulated cells are the "phils", Neutrophil, Basophil, and Eosinophils. If you hadn't guessed by their sub-type name, these cells have granules. Neutrophils stain a light violet, Eosinophils granules stain a bright red/pink, and Basophils granules stain a dark purple, and they obscure the nucleus. Their functions are as follows;

  • Neutrophils- Think of these cells as the first responders. They fight bacteria at the sites of acute infection. Meaning something that has just become infected, a scratch or a rash.
  • Eosinophils- These guys attack parasitic worms, they surround the worms and poke holes into it's body until it dies. They also produce anti-histamines.
  • Basophils- These cells are responsible for runny noses, itchy skin and all the symptoms produced by their histamine release. Histamine triggers the inflammatory response.

The agranulated cells, well, they have no granules. :) There are only two of these cells, and they are the "cytes". Both Lymphocytes and Monocytes stain purple. The Lymphocytes' nucleus obscures the cytoplasm and is usually large and round. The Monocyte has a U or horseshoe shaped nucleus with a wirey appearance, like a very thick bundle of string. Their functions are as follows;

  • Lymphocytes-These cells have two sub-types of their own, B cells and T cells. B cells make antibodies, and T cells attack virally infected cells and tumor cells.
  • Monocytes- These cells are the big guns when it comes to infection. They fight bacterial infection at the site of chronic infections. They can leave the blood stream, a process called diapedesis, they become macrophages.
The last type of cell we'll talk about in our blood, is our platelet cells. Now technically, these cells are not really cells, they are cell fragments. Megakaryocyte fragments to be exact. These cells help form blood clots.






Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Organic Chemistry -- Making Glass 8/29

For our first lab, we "made" some glass. By made, I mean we took a standard glass pipette and we heated it up, and then stretched it out quickly to make a micro pipette, and glass bells. We also made a filter pipette out of the original pipettes.
This is our standard glass kit for the semester.

Top and bottom; My two lab partners stretching their pipettes.

Mine and one of my partners stretched pipettes, both on our first try, both really nice and long! :)
Broken off into micro pipettes and filter pipette. Mine was the first one, so pretty and straight looking. :3
The broken ends of our stretched glass, these were the toss away parts.
Then here are a few of the substances we measured.