Thursday, December 23, 2010

Things I fantasize about...Modcloth

Some days I really feel like decorating, but with no money it's a little hard! So some days I spend portions of the day fantasizing about the 'perfect room'. There are several sites I go back to over and over again, making wishlists and thinking about how the things would look in my 'perfect room'.
For these post I'm gonna talk about Modcloth! I loove everything on this site. They are very eclectic, and also sometimes very rare. They don't always stock a lot of their product, sometimes only having one unique item. Still, their selection always has something that makes me 'squee' a little inside.
Most of the items I tend to gravitate on this site are kitchen items, so that is what I'll stick to here. I absolutely love tea sets, and Modcloth has so many adorable variations it would be hard for me to choose from. Such as..
(these are all screenshots of the products directly on the site)
 1.  I'm a little teapot - This is SUCH an adorable little teapot, her head is a small handle-less cup with a tea filter to fit it. Downside is there is only one cup to this set.
2. Thirsty neko tea set - This is my favorite of the three, I absolutely love the little black cat topper, and it also comes with two cute little cups. Alas, most of the adorable cat items such as this get sold out very quickly!
3. Calm before the story tea set -This tea set also comes with two adorable little cups patterned to look like a roof. They have a lot of red riding hood themed items that I find equally adorable.

So I admit, I have a horrible affinity for things with cat, so I gravitate like crazy towards adorable cat stuff that isn't chinzy and is more kawaii :3. Stuff like..

Starting at the top left and going clockwise..
1. Purr-fect time for a snack dish - This two part dish is adorable and I love the idea that you can design all sorts of multi colored candy cats, so fun.
2. Drinking with the fishes teacup set - How cute is that? Seriously, I love this little set, I would love to use it to try some nice loose tea!
3. Fanciful feast mug - Again, so adorable. I love the face on this mug.
4. Meow for measuring - I am so in love with these little measuring cups. They are just too cute, almost to cute to use. I think they would look great sitting out near the sink. :3

Tell me what you think, has anyone bought something from modcloth? What are your favorite items?

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