Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's not Caturday yet...

As I've already mentioned before, I am a bit of a cat lady :D So I figure after this post, I'll try and post regularly on 'caturday' with a few select photos of the week :). I have a total of five cats! We have raised four from birth, and the fifth we adopted when we moved to this new house. He was apparently abandoned here by the previous renters and was pretty much left for dead. I asked our neighbors about it and all of them told me that the cat would only sit in front of this house, and never went anywhere else. :( Very sad, but now we feed him and love him and give him a nice warm place to sleep when it gets cold outside. Which right now, it's super cold! Twilight zone cold, Florida should never ever, ever be this cold! I'm not even that far north! I'm only about an hour away from Tampa, which is pretty much what I consider the 'middle' of Florida. Haha, moving on...
Here are four of them sleeping across the living room, these are all of our four 'original' kitties.
 We have Cupid, we named him so because he has a patch of white hair on his belly that looks like an arrow pointed at his kitty junk, lol! He is such a rambunctious little kitty, he loves being petted, and will actively seek out a lap to sit in. He has the loudest purr of them all, you can hear him a room away sometimes.He is totally sweet, but very jumpy. When we have repairmen and any other foreign entity come into the house, he will follow them incessantly and will hiss at them when they go to pet him, but then will go right back to practically sitting on their heels :).
This one is named Reece! We regularly call him Reece puff or just Fatty :) He is the largest of all of our cats, and also the wimpiest. He hides under our bed, is DEATHLY afraid of the broom, and normally refuses to come out when strangers are about. He loves to cuddle though, he'll get in bed with us and burrow underneath the blankets to sleep between us, or at our feet. Oscar (our adopted kitty) and Reece really love each other, and are found sleeping together a lot. The relationship is really funny, because Oscar is pretty much the smallest of all the cats, yet LOVES to attack Reece. It's really an amusing scene. Reece also is one of two cats that will play fetch with us! He loves to play with paper balls, and will bring them to us randomly when he wants to play.
This little guy is named Charcoal! He looks absolutely evil here, but in reality he is a sweet little luber. He, like Cupid, is a total lapcat, he will sit in my lap, spread out across the entire thing, for hours at a time. (Actually, he just came over and plopped down as I was writing!) He is also really really playful. We do this thing, where I'll put my hands up and make some sound like "rah!" and he'll run away, and I'll chase him around the house. When he gets to a corner, he'll suddenly perk up his tale and turn around all loving on me, then take off like a bullet, looking back at me like 'come on!'. He'll get annoyed with me if I don't chase him at least once when he makes it clear he wants to play. Haha.
This little bugger is named Jesus, I hope the name doesn't offend anyone. We aren't religious people in my household, and so the name is just a name for us. He was named so because when he was born, he had a small white cross across his chest which now looks more like a bird. We also call him Money Bags, haha. This summer, around June, he stopped eating dry food and started peeing in the bathtub. When he did that, I noticed it was discolored, I knew he had a UTI, which is really bad for cats. So I took him to the vet and it turned out that he had two teeth that grew in, that weren't supposed to be there, and one of them was infected. That infection caused the UTI, and made him not eat because it was so painful. Cost us around 300 dollars to get the teeth pulled and to get the anti-biotics. But it was worth it to save our little baby, and he is definitely the baby of the boys :).
And last but not least, little Oscar! He is incredibly adorable, but the marks of his upbringing are all too obvious in his personality. Despite being the youngest cat we have, he isn't as playful as any other cat I've ever had. He is pretty much like a little ragdoll cat, you can do almost anything to him and he has no problem with it or he won't struggle too much against it. When he is inside, he sleeps on our bed constantly, and is incredibly tolerant of us rolling over on him, haha! He'll only move if you're seriously about to crush him, otherwise he'll just lay there with your leg/arm splayed across him and he's just fine.

(all pics can be clicked to be seen at their original size :))

Well I think that pretty much wraps it up, hope this was amusing and not too boring for you all, nyan!

webcam fun

This took me forever to align!! And looking at the preview I had to align it again..Why won't you let me put three to a row easily, Blogger, why must you make it so difficult? lol, moving on! So this is me playing with the webcam program that is on my new netbook that my dad got me for Christmas <3. There were some funny warps and I had a lot of fun making myself look hideous instead of gorgeous as usual ^_~. Have fun laughing at my funny faces :3

Saturday, December 25, 2010


I did both mine and my boyfriends youngest sister's makeup. I basically did the same thing, except better on my face -_-. It's very hard for me to do other people's makeup!   All the greens are colors I made myself with my TKB kit. :3

Aaaaaaaaaannnnd Crazy face! :D Preeeseeents! I can't wait :3
 And some of my favorite shots of our Christmas tree, you def have to view these larger to see the pretties!

 And four out of my five cats enjoying a special wet treat Christmas meal! I love Cupid's (the one on the far right) crookedy tail haha.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Things I fantasize about...Modcloth

Some days I really feel like decorating, but with no money it's a little hard! So some days I spend portions of the day fantasizing about the 'perfect room'. There are several sites I go back to over and over again, making wishlists and thinking about how the things would look in my 'perfect room'.
For these post I'm gonna talk about Modcloth! I loove everything on this site. They are very eclectic, and also sometimes very rare. They don't always stock a lot of their product, sometimes only having one unique item. Still, their selection always has something that makes me 'squee' a little inside.
Most of the items I tend to gravitate on this site are kitchen items, so that is what I'll stick to here. I absolutely love tea sets, and Modcloth has so many adorable variations it would be hard for me to choose from. Such as..
(these are all screenshots of the products directly on the site)
 1.  I'm a little teapot - This is SUCH an adorable little teapot, her head is a small handle-less cup with a tea filter to fit it. Downside is there is only one cup to this set.
2. Thirsty neko tea set - This is my favorite of the three, I absolutely love the little black cat topper, and it also comes with two cute little cups. Alas, most of the adorable cat items such as this get sold out very quickly!
3. Calm before the story tea set -This tea set also comes with two adorable little cups patterned to look like a roof. They have a lot of red riding hood themed items that I find equally adorable.

So I admit, I have a horrible affinity for things with cat, so I gravitate like crazy towards adorable cat stuff that isn't chinzy and is more kawaii :3. Stuff like..

Starting at the top left and going clockwise..
1. Purr-fect time for a snack dish - This two part dish is adorable and I love the idea that you can design all sorts of multi colored candy cats, so fun.
2. Drinking with the fishes teacup set - How cute is that? Seriously, I love this little set, I would love to use it to try some nice loose tea!
3. Fanciful feast mug - Again, so adorable. I love the face on this mug.
4. Meow for measuring - I am so in love with these little measuring cups. They are just too cute, almost to cute to use. I think they would look great sitting out near the sink. :3

Tell me what you think, has anyone bought something from modcloth? What are your favorite items?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Made myself some more eyeshadow..

So I have to say it, I love TKB! I can't brag about it enough when I talk about the ez-eyeshadow kit I convinced my boyfriend to get me. Since getting the kit, I've made about 80 eye shadows! I still have some mica left, and after about 40 or so stopped writing down my recipes, and now I'm just trying to use up the last of the pigment! I was unsure about having enough bags, so I ordered an extra 100 small baggies which I found much more useful than the larger ones the kit comes with. They go straight from my production to my makeup shelf :).I also got three extra samples of mica and some magnesium myristrate for a little base.I have one small baggie left, so I have a few eye shadows in the larger bags. It started out like this...

With a little holographic glitter as well! I actually like to use this more on top of my eyeshadow than in the mixing of it.
My swatches started out a little under a dozen...
(this is a graphic intense post!)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My first product review! Face Candy Couture + related giveaways

This business is relatively new to the scene, but has an amazing selection of loose eyeshadow. The owner, Shantle Shipp is a mother of three, and from my personal interactions with her on her Facebook fanpage, super sweet and fun to talk to. All links to any site I'm referring to will be at the end of the post. :)
One thing that I love about her business is that she offers up 5 free samples with enough product for you to swatch and do one application. Although I disagree with that, I might be able to get two or three uses out of my little baggies depending on how much I use in a look :D. I look forward to buying some full size product when I have the means to do so.  So onward to the swatches!

 In order, these colors are Pink Sparkle, Darling, Wonder, Sweet Duece and Midnight Blue.

 It's really hard to photograph the shine of these pigments, especially since it's 10 pm and I can only take shots with the flash and no natural light. I'll repost the descriptions from the site, and then I'll try my best to give the most accurate description I can for each color.

'PINK SPARKLE is a light pink with silver shimmer sparkle. '
I would describe it as a soft, very feminine pink, you definitely see the silver shimmer in it, but there is also this neat orange sheen that can be seen from certain angles which can be seen the most by the last swatch shot.

 Darling is a soft shimmery pinky peach color.
I would describe it as a very peach, almost orange color, it has this crazy shine to it that I just cannot describe. I would have never picked this color myself, but seeing it on my eyes, I really like how it looks.

Wonder is a deep plum purple pink shimmer sparkles.
 I would describe this one as a rosey-chocolate sort of color. To me it's less plum and more muted grape. It's a very dark purpleish-pink-mauve color with a coppery sort of shine to it.  I think I would roll in this color, ha!

SWEET DUECE  is a beautiful coral peachy pink with a soft shimmer undertone.
Pink Duece was a little deceptive in the bag, which made it look like a light matte-ish pink. Putting it on though, I was pleasantly surprised to find it was a peachy pink-orange with a very subtle yellow shine that is hard to pick up on camera. Again, a color I would never normally grab for myself, but now might be rethinking why I'm avoiding this color family, because it's awesome.

MIDNIGHT BLUE a dark mysterious blue with a soft shimmer. 
This one for my fits the description fairly well. It is a soft blue that I can't decide whether it is leaning towards purple or lavender. It definitely has a lavender sheen to it in certain lights. I think it is a really lovely color.

Here are two looks I did with my samples, they are a little messy as I did them just to see the colors on my lids.

 In this one there is Pink Sparkle, Wonder, and then Midnight Blue on the outer edge.

  Sweet Duece on the inner eye and Darling on the outer lid. I think you can really see that sheen in these photos.

Shantle is very ambitious, and has been generously giving out so much product for bloggers to giveaway, so there are multiple chances for you to get your hands on some free full sized product, here are the few that I know about currently. There are descriptions on each blog on how to enter, but in general they ask that you follow their blog using Google Friend Connect, comment with an email address to contact you at if you win, also comment with the 3/4 colors you would want to try most, with additional entries for blogging or tweeting about the giveaways in some cases. Some are ending sooner than others, so get on it! :)

 First, from one of my personal favorite bloggers that really got me into following blogs and thinking about bloggin myself, Phyrra!
This one ends on the 26th of December, she's offering up four 3 gram jars of product.

 Then we have another from All Made Up;
 This one will end the 20th, and is also offering four 3 gram jars of product.

and lastly one from Pink Dandy Chatter;
Offering up three 3 gram jars, this giveaway will end January 2nd.

There may be more that I missed, but you can find them on her Facebook page under links.


This review was not paid for, I was not required to do a positive review. I requested free samples just like any one of you can do :), and you can do it once a month at the moment!