Saturday, December 3, 2011

Virus Insanity Eyeshadows; New Logo!

So I haven't been on top of things lately, I know! I have severely been lacking in the posts department lately.
Remember me mentioning that I was working with the owner of Virus Insanity Eyeshadows? Well, a few weeks ago she released the new logo! So here she is, the gorgeous VIE girl. I believe there are plans to name her sooner or later. :) I may also be working with her again during the Christmas break ^_~. The jars are in the universe now! First Jenni printed our girl out the day after I sent her the full graphics, bringing at least 100 jars with her to a little hometown expo where she nearly sold out. And now people are receiving the gorgeous girl. Oooh I just can't wait to receive my package!

After her logo, I made one for Simply Sweet Skin :) If I go by what my mom says, she and my cousin love the icon, telling me that she thought it was adorable and very professional looking. Sweet, just what I was going for! :)
Now I'm working on a blog logo for fellow nerdy blogger, The Beauty and The Games. So I've been a busy, busy girl between school, tutoring other students, and drawing logos!! Hopefully I shall be able to post some more in the upcoming weeks. :) I have many a lost look stored up!


  1. I'm impressed! These look great.

  2. Thanks so much Karla! :D I really love both of them, they are like my little art babies now.

  3. the dark text on the logos is a little hard to read over the red.