Thursday, February 10, 2011

Super Science post!

So on this entry we will have pictures from all three of the lab classes I am currently in! However, after the first group I will be putting more after the jump, there are just a lot of photos in this one. First, biology! We were testing different variables that effected Catalase, an enzyme that was extracted from yeast. :)

Here are the pictures from todays chemistry class. Titration, fun! I got a few silver nitrate stains :( boo.

And finally some tissue slides that I took a picture of through the microscope! :3

Which were your favorite to look at? Do you miss any science classes from high school/middle school/college? :)


  1. Ahhh histology - die!!!!! Glad my degree is over and I can just specialize.

  2. is it bad that out of all the pictures, all I saw were the pink safety glasses, and immediately though "I WAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNT!"?

  3. @Kira - haha, I don't mind histology too much so far, but at first it was really confusing..

    @ndrcvrngl - No! XD I like the light green ones the most and always try and get them if I don't have my own (clear sadly). I also try and always get sample 13, whatever equipment we are using as thirteen, when microscope 13 was taken right before I got it, I jumped to 23. XD I like threes, and thirteen most of all. I don't know why.

  4. I didn't mind it, but they made us draw what we saw and I suck at drawing so much.Plus we were doing reproductive system so I only got to see slices of testes, ovaries etc etc. I am now a clinical measurements scientist in sleep and watch/interpret wiggle lines on a computer. Brain waves can suck to figure what stage of sleep with sick people on medication screwing with an already fluctuating thing between people at 3am.

  5. Even though I love to draw, I hate drawing what I see in the slide! it's so complex in there and I don't want to spend more than a minute since we have like 12 slides to go through and then another 12. >_O
    Your job sounds hard! I'm not great at the recognizing sleep patterns, we had to memorize a few general shapes in psychology but didn't get far into it.