Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cranial Nerves : FIXED!

On monday, we have a quiz, that's pretty much just this! Identifying the cranial nerves, ooh fun, haha.

EDIT: So apparently the video below is incorrect. The facial and the vestibulocochlear nerves were reversed. Now they are correct. Hope I didn't mess anyone up! Thankfully, those were the two NOT on the quiz! :)

A. Olfactory nerve - smell 
B. Optic nerve - vision
C. Oculomotor nerve - eye motor
D. Trigeminal nerve - sensory face
E. Vestibulocochlear nerve - balance and hearing
F. Glossopharyngeal nerve - sensory for tongue/throat
G. Vagus - vomiting - motor throat
H. Spinal Accessory nerve - SCM, trapezius muscle
I. Hypoglossal nerve -tongue muscles - motor
J. Facial nerve - motor facial expression
K. Abducens nerve - eye motor
L. Trochlear nerve - eye motor

Identified with this video (which mixes up facial and vestibulocochlear)

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  1. you just made my day better thanks girl