Monday, December 6, 2010

EOTD: Dec 6th

It is currently a very cold and un-Florida like morning. I had to wear two jackets this morning! Sitting in the library actually feels slightly warm because it is so cold outside, haha. So I uploaded some photos of my look this morning so I could write another blog up while I was at school! Pretty nifty :) So today I wore my 'Hard Rock Cafe- Madrid' shirt, baggy purple jacket and jeans, so I did a very smoky brown look to go with the gold and black print on my shirt.
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So here are some close-ups
 So for this look I started with a light gold, and fanned that out on the inner eye. Then I took a darker brown, and blended at the edge of the gold, and then applied it solidly to the outer eye and crease area. Then I applied some white pigment on top of the gold on the inner eye, swooping out over the browns and highlighting my brow bone. I also used the same dark brown and filled in my eyebrows a little. I sorta like defined brows and think I look much better when I look like I actually have some! Just a comment, I know I have a smear of foundation on my nose in this next photo! T_T I liked the photo so much and didn't notice until I had uploaded the photos and was about to leave. So I cleaned my face up, but no cleaned up photo. Oops!
What do you think?
Also, this was on of my cats, Charcoal, this morning as I took pictures near his cat tree in the sunlight, haha.

Totally cute.

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