Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's not Caturday yet...

As I've already mentioned before, I am a bit of a cat lady :D So I figure after this post, I'll try and post regularly on 'caturday' with a few select photos of the week :). I have a total of five cats! We have raised four from birth, and the fifth we adopted when we moved to this new house. He was apparently abandoned here by the previous renters and was pretty much left for dead. I asked our neighbors about it and all of them told me that the cat would only sit in front of this house, and never went anywhere else. :( Very sad, but now we feed him and love him and give him a nice warm place to sleep when it gets cold outside. Which right now, it's super cold! Twilight zone cold, Florida should never ever, ever be this cold! I'm not even that far north! I'm only about an hour away from Tampa, which is pretty much what I consider the 'middle' of Florida. Haha, moving on...
Here are four of them sleeping across the living room, these are all of our four 'original' kitties.
 We have Cupid, we named him so because he has a patch of white hair on his belly that looks like an arrow pointed at his kitty junk, lol! He is such a rambunctious little kitty, he loves being petted, and will actively seek out a lap to sit in. He has the loudest purr of them all, you can hear him a room away sometimes.He is totally sweet, but very jumpy. When we have repairmen and any other foreign entity come into the house, he will follow them incessantly and will hiss at them when they go to pet him, but then will go right back to practically sitting on their heels :).
This one is named Reece! We regularly call him Reece puff or just Fatty :) He is the largest of all of our cats, and also the wimpiest. He hides under our bed, is DEATHLY afraid of the broom, and normally refuses to come out when strangers are about. He loves to cuddle though, he'll get in bed with us and burrow underneath the blankets to sleep between us, or at our feet. Oscar (our adopted kitty) and Reece really love each other, and are found sleeping together a lot. The relationship is really funny, because Oscar is pretty much the smallest of all the cats, yet LOVES to attack Reece. It's really an amusing scene. Reece also is one of two cats that will play fetch with us! He loves to play with paper balls, and will bring them to us randomly when he wants to play.
This little guy is named Charcoal! He looks absolutely evil here, but in reality he is a sweet little luber. He, like Cupid, is a total lapcat, he will sit in my lap, spread out across the entire thing, for hours at a time. (Actually, he just came over and plopped down as I was writing!) He is also really really playful. We do this thing, where I'll put my hands up and make some sound like "rah!" and he'll run away, and I'll chase him around the house. When he gets to a corner, he'll suddenly perk up his tale and turn around all loving on me, then take off like a bullet, looking back at me like 'come on!'. He'll get annoyed with me if I don't chase him at least once when he makes it clear he wants to play. Haha.
This little bugger is named Jesus, I hope the name doesn't offend anyone. We aren't religious people in my household, and so the name is just a name for us. He was named so because when he was born, he had a small white cross across his chest which now looks more like a bird. We also call him Money Bags, haha. This summer, around June, he stopped eating dry food and started peeing in the bathtub. When he did that, I noticed it was discolored, I knew he had a UTI, which is really bad for cats. So I took him to the vet and it turned out that he had two teeth that grew in, that weren't supposed to be there, and one of them was infected. That infection caused the UTI, and made him not eat because it was so painful. Cost us around 300 dollars to get the teeth pulled and to get the anti-biotics. But it was worth it to save our little baby, and he is definitely the baby of the boys :).
And last but not least, little Oscar! He is incredibly adorable, but the marks of his upbringing are all too obvious in his personality. Despite being the youngest cat we have, he isn't as playful as any other cat I've ever had. He is pretty much like a little ragdoll cat, you can do almost anything to him and he has no problem with it or he won't struggle too much against it. When he is inside, he sleeps on our bed constantly, and is incredibly tolerant of us rolling over on him, haha! He'll only move if you're seriously about to crush him, otherwise he'll just lay there with your leg/arm splayed across him and he's just fine.

(all pics can be clicked to be seen at their original size :))

Well I think that pretty much wraps it up, hope this was amusing and not too boring for you all, nyan!


  1. Squee, I love Caturday! Cute idea for the blog... I'm not allowed a kitty so I do like looking at other peoples :S

  2. Aww, I would hate to be denied a furball!! I'm glad you like the idea :D I hope I can entertain everyone with my guys.