Saturday, December 25, 2010


I did both mine and my boyfriends youngest sister's makeup. I basically did the same thing, except better on my face -_-. It's very hard for me to do other people's makeup!   All the greens are colors I made myself with my TKB kit. :3

Aaaaaaaaaannnnd Crazy face! :D Preeeseeents! I can't wait :3
 And some of my favorite shots of our Christmas tree, you def have to view these larger to see the pretties!

 And four out of my five cats enjoying a special wet treat Christmas meal! I love Cupid's (the one on the far right) crookedy tail haha.

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Your cats are SUPER CUTE! (:
    I love your look - I never thought of using white and green together. Hmmm, good choice! Very good choice!

    Hope you had a very merry Christmas (:

  2. Ahh thank you :) they are like my furchildren, haha.

    I love combining white with several shades of another color, or multiple colors, it really makes them pop!

    I had a pretty awesome Christmas, I hope you had the same :D