Thursday, December 16, 2010

My first product review! Face Candy Couture + related giveaways

This business is relatively new to the scene, but has an amazing selection of loose eyeshadow. The owner, Shantle Shipp is a mother of three, and from my personal interactions with her on her Facebook fanpage, super sweet and fun to talk to. All links to any site I'm referring to will be at the end of the post. :)
One thing that I love about her business is that she offers up 5 free samples with enough product for you to swatch and do one application. Although I disagree with that, I might be able to get two or three uses out of my little baggies depending on how much I use in a look :D. I look forward to buying some full size product when I have the means to do so.  So onward to the swatches!

 In order, these colors are Pink Sparkle, Darling, Wonder, Sweet Duece and Midnight Blue.

 It's really hard to photograph the shine of these pigments, especially since it's 10 pm and I can only take shots with the flash and no natural light. I'll repost the descriptions from the site, and then I'll try my best to give the most accurate description I can for each color.

'PINK SPARKLE is a light pink with silver shimmer sparkle. '
I would describe it as a soft, very feminine pink, you definitely see the silver shimmer in it, but there is also this neat orange sheen that can be seen from certain angles which can be seen the most by the last swatch shot.

 Darling is a soft shimmery pinky peach color.
I would describe it as a very peach, almost orange color, it has this crazy shine to it that I just cannot describe. I would have never picked this color myself, but seeing it on my eyes, I really like how it looks.

Wonder is a deep plum purple pink shimmer sparkles.
 I would describe this one as a rosey-chocolate sort of color. To me it's less plum and more muted grape. It's a very dark purpleish-pink-mauve color with a coppery sort of shine to it.  I think I would roll in this color, ha!

SWEET DUECE  is a beautiful coral peachy pink with a soft shimmer undertone.
Pink Duece was a little deceptive in the bag, which made it look like a light matte-ish pink. Putting it on though, I was pleasantly surprised to find it was a peachy pink-orange with a very subtle yellow shine that is hard to pick up on camera. Again, a color I would never normally grab for myself, but now might be rethinking why I'm avoiding this color family, because it's awesome.

MIDNIGHT BLUE a dark mysterious blue with a soft shimmer. 
This one for my fits the description fairly well. It is a soft blue that I can't decide whether it is leaning towards purple or lavender. It definitely has a lavender sheen to it in certain lights. I think it is a really lovely color.

Here are two looks I did with my samples, they are a little messy as I did them just to see the colors on my lids.

 In this one there is Pink Sparkle, Wonder, and then Midnight Blue on the outer edge.

  Sweet Duece on the inner eye and Darling on the outer lid. I think you can really see that sheen in these photos.

Shantle is very ambitious, and has been generously giving out so much product for bloggers to giveaway, so there are multiple chances for you to get your hands on some free full sized product, here are the few that I know about currently. There are descriptions on each blog on how to enter, but in general they ask that you follow their blog using Google Friend Connect, comment with an email address to contact you at if you win, also comment with the 3/4 colors you would want to try most, with additional entries for blogging or tweeting about the giveaways in some cases. Some are ending sooner than others, so get on it! :)

 First, from one of my personal favorite bloggers that really got me into following blogs and thinking about bloggin myself, Phyrra!
This one ends on the 26th of December, she's offering up four 3 gram jars of product.

 Then we have another from All Made Up;
 This one will end the 20th, and is also offering four 3 gram jars of product.

and lastly one from Pink Dandy Chatter;
Offering up three 3 gram jars, this giveaway will end January 2nd.

There may be more that I missed, but you can find them on her Facebook page under links.


This review was not paid for, I was not required to do a positive review. I requested free samples just like any one of you can do :), and you can do it once a month at the moment!


  1. Those colors are sweet! I can't wait to get mine! (",)

  2. I can't wait to see what you make out of it! :D