Monday, March 28, 2011

A&P, Muscles Monday! Part 1

So this is going to be a HUGE post or two! I just have so many photos to share with you guys that I have been holding back. For those new to the blog, if you click on a photo you can make it the original size, in order to see details better. Hopefully I will have time to label some of these out. Next monday I have another practical on muscles and articulations! Mmm, so fun! :) Let's start off with some amusing photos that aren't 100% just for studying.
Creepy muscle guys see's you!
 This guy looks a little freaky..
 Megan got her hands dirty.
 This guy just looks crazy! Haha.
 Then Megan thought this model was awesome...So awesome in fact....
That she had to feel it up!!
Creepy eyeball guy finishes up the fun photos, now let's get down to business!

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