Wednesday, March 16, 2011

EOTD: 3/14

 So for my look today, I asked my friends to choose a number between 1 and 30 and whoever was closest to my guess choose my colors. Well, someone guess my exact number with the colors, orange green, purple, and black. Not a combo I would normally choose on my own, but it came out looking really cool! I used my own TKB colors (orange and purple), a nameless black, and my ARC Gardens (green) tester. :) I used Candy's Sweet Treats Foiling jazz as well as a Hard Candy glitter stick as the base. Also! There was recently a discussion on a MMU FB group I'm in about glasses and makeup. So I decided to wear my glasses for my full face photos today. I wear glasses all of the time, and only take them off in photos so that you can see the makeup. A fellow blogger, the painted moonkin , had extremely rude comments left on one of her posts, and links to her post on FB, simply because she was wearing glasses in her photos (she also had a few photos without glasses, but apparently that wasn't good enough for the commenter). I have to say, that wearing glasses does not 'detract' from my makeup, because my glasses are basically part of me. I cannot see without them, I'm near sighted, I never go without my glasses for vanity's sake. To say someone shouldn't wear glasses while taking pictures of their makeup is like saying that you should change an integral part of who you are in order to be 'prettier'. So to say that my glasses detract from the way my makeup looks just seems very, extremely, vain to me. So there you are, just a little bit of my opinion on that.

 The black come in around the very edge of the crease, but the flash washed it out, in person you could see the darkened purple. To me this reminds me of like, a sunset or something. I don't know, but it turned out very cool!

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