Sunday, March 6, 2011

Human Anatomy, the details.

I've added a few details to my photos in order to study, and I know a lot of my friends wanted me to do this anyway :P. As always, click on the photo and it will bring you to a full sized photo.

Above;Figure 1
Above;Figure 2
Below;Figure 3
 Below;Figure 4

Answers for these parts are after the jump!

Figure 1
A. Circumferential Lamallae
B. Lamallae
C. Lacunae -holds osteocytes
D. Osteon
E. Central Canal, or Haversian Canal
F. Volkmann's Canal
G. Compact Bone
H. Spongy bone

Figure 2
A. Central Canal, or Haversian Canal
B. Osteocytes
C. Canaliculi
D. Lamallae
E. Lacunae

Figure 3
A. Lacunae
B. Volkmann's Canal
C. Central Canal, or Haversian Canal
D. Perforating fibers or Sharpey's Fibers
E. Periosteum

Figure 4
A. Tibia
B. Fibula
C. Talus
D. Calcaneus
E. Navicular
F. Cuboid
G. Intermediate Cuneiform
H. Lateral Cuneiform
I. Medial Cuneiform
J. Metatarsals
K. Phalanges

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