Friday, March 18, 2011

Eggs in a nest...or

Eggs in a basket, or toads in a hole, or many other names people told me was the 'real' name! Haha, gotta love differing cultural and geographical terms. Anyways! if you are like me, you have never heard of any of these things, I was not lucky enough to have this made for me in the mornings. I am so glad I found this recipe though, because this is quick, easy, and super delicious. Next time I do this I'll go step by step with photos, this time I just have end products. I first saw a recipe for a eggs in a nest (eian hereon) sandwich, which I can't find now of course. Anyways, I obviously had to try just plain eian before going for the sandwich! First, I obtained the top of a spaghetti jar and thoroughly cleaned it out. Taking out whatever size bread you want to use, just use the top to 'screw' down into the bread and cut out a hole. Or you can rip a hole with your fingers, up to you! Just remember that the thickness of your bread is going to affect how your egg sits, if you're using large eggs have a thick piece of bread, or a large hole. Then you just toss a small pat of butter or whatever into your pan. Let it heat up a bit and then throw all of your soon-to-be-toast into the pan. Let the bread toast fairly well, then flip and immediately add an egg into each hole. Let the egg cook long enough so that you can slide your spatula up underneath. You can either eat as is when it has cooked through, or you could flip it over for an over-easy type of egg, which is what we prefer here. I also toasted the inner circles of bread, creating little disks to sop up the yolk.
Here are two pieces of eian! I also put down a slice of cheddar cheese on them, srsly perfect!

Cut open and you can see the gooey inside, yum.
For our sandwich here, of which my bf's was MUCH prettier, but I made it first and he had already eaten it by the time I was done making mine :(, I just took two eian and sandwiched the cheese parts together with bacon :D. Sadly, when making my sandwich, the egg escaped the toast, not forming a full seal with the toast, and caved in as you see here. O.O Despite not being the most gorgeous sandwich ever, it was extremely delicious and it should be in everyone's tummy at least once.


  1. I know right! And it's like five ingredients that most people *usually* have, :D quick andeasy breakfast, lunch, or dinner, haha.