Friday, March 4, 2011

EOTD: 3/1 3/3

 Here are my looks from the week. I got new clothes from OneStopPlus and am so happy to have some more jackets! I got the black sequined bit you see above, and also a long grey jacket. I only had a purple jacket (which you have seen the edge of dozens of times now!) and was kinda sick of wearing purple all of the time. Both of these looks use only Persephone product, to be specific, the sailor moon sets. I got samples of the sailor moon set, sailor jupiter set, sailor mars set, and then I got a choose 5 and got the remaining 3 "crystal powers" from the rest of the scouts and a few from the sailor mercury set.
Above is the Sailor Mars set, the Sailor Jupiter set, and then two extra samples I received. :)
 This look I used Moon Prism Power, Sailor Jupiter and Rei. :)

 Below I used Jupiter Crystal Power and Sailor Jupiter. JCP is AMAZING!

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