Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Antoinette's Revolution, EOTD 2/28

 So this is a review, and an EOTD! :) I am lucky enough to have been selected to be a tester for a new MMU company from a woman, Racheal Hels. The name is Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics. :) I really like the concept, and you can see the names reflect the idea as well. I recieved Guillotine, Marie, Gardens and Versailles. Here is the description given to me on the back of my adorable thank you note:
Guillotine- Our experimental red with crimson glitter.
Marie-A gorgeous light blue with an aqua shimmer and aqua and hot pink glitter.
Versailles- An extremely rich gold with bronze tone and two different gold glitters.
Gardens- A rich, earthly green that's perfect for a nice pop of muted color.

Thank you card with adorable stickers! :3
The package all wrapped up with stickers that read "A R C". My kitty cat nuzzled it for awhile before letting me open it.
Thank you note that had the detailed explanation of each color.
The adorable little box that the pigments were in. I'm in the same state as one of the owners so I got my package the day after she sent them. Some other reviewers had trouble with the glue holding up, but I'm literally a few hours drive away, so I think that helped. But it is really cute none-the-less, and I'm keeping it to put little things in my purse that are always floating around. >_>
The tester bags!
Marie, Versailles, Gardens, Guillotine.
Below is Gardens on a different base, it's really amazing. I agree with all of the descriptions except the one for Gardens. I'm not sure if this was intentional, or if I got the special batch, but mine had a distinct blue undertone that blew my mind.
Here I am wearing Marie on my inner eye, and then Gardens next, blended into The World by VIE. I left my base on too long before applying my shadow so it already had creased. I did not notice until looking at photos later. The flash makes Marie look more sheer than it really is.

I love the color that arises from blending Gardens into Marie. You can see it fairly well in the first photo below.

Natural light w/ flash. This next one really shows the ultimate glow that Marie has, almost a neon shine.

I just love how crisp the photo is below.

This was after 8 hours. Marie lifted up a bit in the same area where my base was already creased, but everything else was in place. I think that the quality of these shadows was awesome, they blended together wonderfully and applied smooth. I had no trouble getting a lot of color without using a lot of product.

So I really can't wait till she goes live, which she said may be soon. They will be setting up a facebook page, and I believe they will be selling through etsy.

Here are some links to other tester reviews. Everyone got different colors based on what they said they liked. A few have the same colors, but there isn't a review for like Gardens or Marie in every single one.
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  1. Beautiful look! I'm posting my review out later today :)

  2. Thanks Melly! I'll keep an eye out and add you to the list when I see your post! :3

  3. here it is :)
    I will have to add EOTD later. No way I can capture the colors without sun shining :(