Wednesday, March 30, 2011

EOTD: 3/29

 So all of the colors I wore for this look are from Virus Insanity Eyeshadows, or VIE. Right now she is only selling off of facebook, but I hear that a website is in the works. I really trust this seller, she has AMAZING CS! My package was marked as delivered by the post office, and when I contacted them they simply said they would see if it came back with the mailman. I was devastated :( I really wanted my makeup, and I knew that at that point, VIE had no responsibility to me because technically, it was marked as delivered. So I sucked it up and emailed her, explained my situation and she, extremely nicely, agreed to send out a replacement package. I emailed her a week after the post office supposedly delivered, and before a week had passed, my ORIGINAL package mysteriously turned up in my mail box despite NO contact from the post office and no note or anything. I immediately told Jenn, the owner, and thankfully, she was about to go out with her packages either that day or the next, I can't remember right now. But it was soon! The label on the package showed it had been mailed within 2-3 days of my order, March 9th, it mysteriously popped up in my mailbox on the 23rd, over a week from when it claimed to have been delivered. So needless to say, I hate the post office, a lot, but I love VIE, a lot. On top of that, I still hadn't done the survey from the USPS. Yeah, left a really detailed angry review about how they lied to me, they claimed it had been delivered, assured me they would contact me back if they found the package, and acted like it had probably been mis-delivered to another address.
Anyways, this look consists of Panda on the inner eye, Sick all over the rest of the lid and along the bottom on the right, and then Drunken Leprechaun on top of that.

 Click on read more my hilarious face photo. :)

Oh yeah, that is sexy.


  1. I hate shipping f___-ups. I hate how sellers don't have any control over what the delivery/sorting people do. It's a helpless situation and you basically have to put your trust in the handlers to get your things and if it gets lost, they don't give a s___. /rant
    The colours look great! Will you be swatching?

  2. I was on the wall about it, but maybe I will now ^_~ I'm unsure if I've posted my Aromaleigh swatches either, so I think I'll do a combo swatch post! :)

  3. Oh jeez, on the fence* I seem to always mess up old phrases :P