Friday, February 25, 2011

Tutorial # 3

Finally right? I haven't made a tutorial in a few months, and I reaaally loved this look. So here we go!
The above two photos show you the look I'm gonna lay out step by step. This was my re-do of my earlier look, below. The look below used Funhouse of Virus Insanity Eyeshadow, here-on referred to as VIE, which is the green, my own TKB color, and then Moon Spiral Attack of Persephone on the outer edge, the dark blue. In the look in this tutorial, I simply replaced Moon Spiral Attack with The World from VIE. I did this mostly because I only have a sample of MSA and I have a full size of The World and the colors were close :).

Now, as always, start with a clean face! It doesn't have to be as funny looking as the one below..

The first step I always take is putting down a base, I use a Hard Candy glitter stick. Then I used some of Candy's Foiling serum on top of that. I usually take my finger and place it at the top of the bottle, get a little bit of the serum on it, and then pat each eyelid once to try and get an even application, then I spread that evenly over the entire area that is going to have makeup. :)
Now begins the strange shapes. I wanted this green to show up throughout the look, so I spread it in a large boomarang shape. Note that I have it creeping along my lash line, and at the top for a good length.
Here on the left side of the picture, the blue is blended in, on the right it is not. You want to take your second color and basically fill in the blank area left between your green. First pat on your color, and then on the edges, pull the colors together. For this look I pulled the color in towards my nose, so that the green was under the blue.
Same as above, blended on left, unblended on right.
A side view to show that I left a crescent space empty at the outer edge of my eye.
Then I filled in that are with The World, blending it in towards my nose again. I also brought it up over the blue and blended it into the green around the top edge of the look.  I noticed that the green extended out further on one side, so then I corrected that.

Here you can see my correction. All I did was take some of the green and applied it onto the side that had become uneven, then I blended the edges of the colors together simple by moving my brush back and forth gently where they met.
Then I added some eyeliner.

And there you have it! If anybody wants more details or has a question, feel free to ask! :)


  1. A nice bright fun look! Very cool.

  2. Thanks, I thought it turned out really cool too :D