Monday, February 7, 2011

EOTD: 2/2 , 2/7

I've got two looks for you this week. Recently I got a special gift from a friend on a facebook group that I am in. She gave me a whole extra jar of Candy's Sweet Treats Foiling Jazz! :) This stuff is awesome! I've never used a foiling serum, so there was some tingling the very first time I used it. I didn't feel it at all on my arm when I swatched, but when I put on my super glittery pigments I think the glitter rubbed against my skin and irritated it. After a few minutes the feeling went away and I wore it all day long without even noticing I had makeup on! :D I've used it for the second look as well and had no reaction, so I'm certain that it was my skin reacting to glycerin for the first time since I am pretty darn sensitive. I love it, and can't understand how I got my eyeliner on without it, it makes applying so freakin' smooth and easy! My friend also included five colors that she made with her TKB kit, which are awesome!

(her five colors, and then my color on the far right, all swatched with the Foiling Jazz)
(I also got a cute little necklace from her daughter! :D)
Looks after the jump..
This is my look from 2/2. I'm wearing the light green and the dark green from the swatch above.

And here is my look from today. I tried a different shape, but it ended up being very similar to what I usually do.


  1. Yay for secret clubs ^.^ Both looks are gorgeous, I love love love cateye liner!

  2. Yes, hooray for groups of awesome people XD
    I've really only mastered eyeliner in the last few months, doing it so often because I know I want to take pictures for the blog it has made my skill go up exponentially! :D