Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another Thursday, another science class

A delicious, all natural creme soda! I spoiled myself after feeling really sick for a week. :3
This is how school looked this morning when I went, it was incredibly foggy, you can see way better in these photos than you could in real life.

The difference between a few hours...
 This one is picture heavy, so I'm gonna put all the science-ey stuff under here!

 So we just made a sodium salt today. We started with an unknown solution and had to determine whether we had a carbonate or hydrogen carbonate. We ended up thinking we had a Potassium Carbonate, let's hope we were right! :)
 Adding the hydrochloric acid to make the chloride.

 I think this picture just looks so good, like it could be in a science magazine ^_~.

and our end result, voila! Haha, supposedly KHCO3.

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