Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another one?!

Another blog award, I can't even believe it! Thank you sooo much Erin of Cheap Chick Picks! Her blog has makeup galore and picks to get the look for less. You should go check it out! :)

So there are rules to the award, oh noes! Let's see...
1 - Thank and link back to the person that awarded you this award
2 - Share 7 things about yourself
3 - Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
4 - Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award

Allright, so I accomplished number one :) Thanks again though!

Seven things about myself... Let's see..I'll choose things that are interesting and humorous :).
1. As a kid I loved Sailor Moon, seriously, I freakin loved it. I made a petition in the 6th grade to SAVE OUR SAILORS! Because they were taking it off. I spent almost every bit of extra money as a kid getting dubbed videos at the comic store, and getting Sailor Moon trinkets, like a cute little locket I used to have :(. I even sung all of the Japanese songs everyday, trying to perfect my accent XD I'm ok I think...Anyways, there you go, one thing you didn't know before! (Unless you knew me already of course ^_~)
2. I've lived in 6 different states/countries, and visited many more. I've lived in 11 different houses/apartments.
3. I turned 18 in Rome.
4. I didn't join FB until I started school because my dad had one. :) Now I'm addicted.
5. My favorite four games are Oblivion, Mass Effect (all, yes they count as one), Fallout (both of the last ones, same rule as before :) ), and Dragon Age.
6. I love taking photos, I have a harddrive dedicated to them. At this point I have *goes and looks* 116 GB worth of photos on my seperate drive, and 5.5 GB in my current pictures folder that I just haven't moved over yet. If you need a scale to see how much that is, the 116 GB folder says it contains 73610 files and 687 folders. The 5.5 has 2,297 files and 44 folders and it goes currently goes back to October so that is an average of...about 450 pics each month, haha. I'm sure there are dupes in both that need to be deleted, but I would venture that less than 1000 are dupes. So I have about 74k photos.
7. I'm a very good listener. I've always had this thing with my friends where they confided in me and I've always tried to lend a helping hand and talk. Also, I've always felt like I could "read" people really well, seriously, in high school I thought I was like Kal of Lie to Me (except I was a dork and thought I was totally psychic or could like you know, probe people's aura or whatever). And watching the show, I've heard him say things similar (only way smarter and with much more logic behind it) to things I told people in school. Things like "Look at the way she is standing, you can tell she just got offended by something those guys said. ohh now she's crossing her arms, she feels defensive and protective." To things like telling a friend that I knew exactly where she had cut herself because of her body language, and then I told her why she choose that area. Once, a week after meeting her, I told a teacher that I had sensed an incredible sadness from her the first time I saw her. I don't know, it was like I could feel her pain like a wave of energy. Later in the course she told us that if her phone rang, she was gonna cut class off and answer it because her father was critically ill in the hospital, and had been there before the course began. Freaky right! Of course I got it wrong sometimes, but I got it right a heck of a lot.

I honestly didn't mean to write so much, it just kinda flowed out talking about such nostalgic memories.

Now the even harder part, picking 15 other newly discovered bloggers! Part of the challenge is I don't want to double award any bloggers on Erin's list, since that seems redundant and I could take the time to choose others, since you're reading both, right?! right.

I'll try and make descriptions short and sweet (and accurate) since the rest of this post is so long. Here goes..In no particular order...

1. Peace Love and Sparkles! -What more could you ask for? All about makeup and nails :D
2. The Real Deal Reviews - This blogger covers a lot of product! Seriously, pretty awesome reviews.
3. The Students Guide to Nailpolish - There are some crazy cool looks here, from flat to 3-d nailart!
4. All Made Up - A lot of product reviews reviews here too, makeup of course :).
5. Painted - This blogger is so stylish it is insane. She manages to get intense looks, while still making them look incredibly soft, how does she do it?!
6. Decoromana - This blog chronicles all of the really fascinating jewelry the blogger makes by 'tatting' (never heard of it before, but the results are amaaaazing).
7. Confessions of a Glitterholic - I think I've mentioned her before, but she's still crazy awesome! :D Such great looks, intense and colorful and just so much fun.
8. Mama Loves Makeup - Whoa, this blogger has so many colorful, perfectly coordinated looks it's insane. And her eyes are hypnotizing.
9. Annamax - Like me, this blogger loves Sailor moon! :D She also has amazing looks and product swatches. Oh and her also being named Anna has nothing to do with me really wanting to put her on this list, nothing..
10. The 20 something Cat Lady - This lady is seriously stylish! And she isn't a twig, which to me makes her 100x cooler for being so dang stylish. Also, she loves cats! :3
11. Cosmetic and Cats - Soft simple looks that are just so adorable! and again, the mention of cats is made so of course it draws me in a bit more. XD

And really I don't have enough blogs to do 15 without overlap or who I think is just so huge that they would probably be like, who is the peon tagging me?! haha.

So now go, read! Enjoy! Do makeup! Pet a cat! :D

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