Monday, January 10, 2011

EOTD for 1/7 and 1/10

So I have a combined post for you ladies today. First I will show you my look for today. Then I'll show you the look I did to go see my friend's new (and first! yay!) house for the first time, a very bright blue look. All of the colors used in both looks, except the white in the first one, are all colors I made myself with the TKB Ez eyeshadow kit. Also, all real lashes in these, I totally forgot to wear any mascara both times. Finally I have a swatch of some colors I gave that same friend, also all colors I made.

First day of class omg-face.

This is just a randow swatch of some of my browns against the purple I used on the very edge of the look, I did this the night before to decide what to lay out XD. The swatch on right is the purple with no base.
Our backyard this morning, it was very damp and dark. Then a horrendous storm came over while I was at school. Apparently they even went into lockdown for awhile when I sat in the library between classes. I was there when hail started pounding down, it was very creepy!

My liner wasn't that great, but it was hard to see and wasn't as easy to identify against the blue in the bathroom light. Ahh well.
And finally, here are the swatches of the colors I gave to my friend. Four are colors I've already swatched before, and then the fourth, the bright pink, was a color I have only swatched and never worn that I thought she would like, and she did! So that was pretty awesome. :)


  1. Gotta love TKB - when you think how much those shadows would have cost from even a lower-priced MMU company ... whew!

  2. Even at a sale price like 4.50, it'd be about 315$! :) I really do love my TKB shadows, I have quite the wishlist on their site, haha.

  3. Gorgeous! I looove the first look!