Thursday, January 27, 2011

I am an alchemist!!

Ok, so not really, haha. There was no transmuting into gold here, but I did take a hydrated copper chloride solution and made the copper stick to an aluminum wire. :D It was crazy, and there was a lot of heat generated by it! Almost too hot to touch at first, the wire felt really "soft" when swishing it around in the beaker. The purpose of our experiment was simply to discover the empirical formula of our original hydrated copper chloride. It happened to be a 1:1:1 ratio, or at least that was our result! So it was Copper (I) Chloride Mono-hydrate. I should have taken a picture of the pretty green crystals, and then the super blue solution when we added water. Science is so fun :D.

Our created copper!
Had to use some Hydrochloric acid to get the copper off of the wire.
Then we used some ethyl alcohol to help dry out our copper faster.
We used these weird looking things to filter our copper out of our solution, using the jars below too, which have that weird side arm. Well we attach a tube to a specific device on our faucet, and then attach it to that arm and it creates a vacuum to help pull down the liquid out of the filters above. Neat huh!

Our clay rings that hold things we are heating up.
Building where I take most of my science classes. All three of my lectures are here, and two of my labs are as well. I live in Holiday, and in this area there is a large Greek affluence, and I imagine most campus' have at least one building with a Greek name. All of our buildings are Greek letters or names, we have Alpha, Beta, Delta, Sigma, Nu, and a bunch more, lol.
The Nu tech building, this place has two giant rooms of computers where most of the online proctored tests take place, I also had a few beginners math classes in there.

So there is my random nerdy post :D hope you all enjoyed it.