Thursday, January 6, 2011

The 'nerdy' in Pretty Nerdy Girls....

So I am of the 'very nerdy' type, I love computers, video games, electronics in general, I even like to go to school and learn. I love earning good grades! The new school semester is upon us, it will be the second semester of my second year. So far I have maintained a grade I'm really proud of (4.0 baby!) and it's been a lot of fun being back in school. This spring semester I will be taking three science classes, plus the corresponding lab for each, plus a five credit Calculus course. Those books up there? Yeah, those are actually mine, and that stack is almost a foot tall. I'm still waiting on two more books, one for my biology lab book and one for human anatomy and physiology class. Ouch! Currently my goal is to get my AA out of the way in the next year, and to get enrolled in the distance program at UF for a Pharmaceutical degree. It definitely wasn't something I envisioned myself going for as a kid, but it was something suggested to me by my parents when I was first enrolling.
Some points about the job that really convinced me
  • Stability-It's kind of sad to say, but America is addicted to popping pills, and I don't see that changing any time soon, so there is always going to be some sort of need for a pharmacist, in corner stores and hospitals.
  • Pay-It's good! I mean, nothing really more to explain there..
  • General environment-I would prefer to be somewhere, helping folks out. I like that there is the possibility that I would be in that position, lending my help and having folks depend on me for my help and expertise.
So far it's been a fun journey, I've met a few teachers who I really enjoyed learning from, had a few who really boiled my blood, and met a lot of other entertaining students. So for enduring that very boring ole' post about school and is my hilarious present from my boyfriend's grandparents. It is a full body sweater, with tiny little leg holes at the bottom, that's why I have it lifted up a bit. So here I am in my bare face, which was hot and sweaty because I was in the middle of cooking dinner, and my messy hair.

(yes you can click and make it bigger.)

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