Thursday, January 13, 2011

EOTD 1/12 and 1/13

So I have a double post again! These are my looks from the past two days, I was feeling very -monotone-. This post is a little picture heavy, so I'll put them after the jump. Also for the last two days, I have worn my very adorable kitty earrings that were passed on to me from my mom :). Along with that I've worn an adorable kitty necklace that I got for Christmas! :D

This is my look from today. I believe these are the best swoops I have ever done, except for that inner bit that sorta smeared... :)

 and in natural light...

 Seriously love this look! All colors but the white were ones I made myself. :) The green in the center is my gs 'Zombie Girl' dupe, on the inner eye I have a very minty, matte green and on the crease I have a dark foresty green. On top of that I highlighted around the edge of my look as well as brightened the inner eye. :)
 Sadly, today was not the day for me, it was incredibly cold for a Fl day! When I stepped out the car of the wind hit me and my eyes started immediately watering, a lot, it looked like I had been crying by the time I got to class, lol. I had to stop in the bathroom and wipe off the bottom half of my make up, and half of each of the swoops. :( It made me very sad. The above pictures are at the end of the day, after I got home and started itching my eyes, lol. But you can see from the areas I *didn't* rub off that my shadows stayed on pretty beautifully all day long :)

 Sorry, no natural light for these ones.

And what it looked like at the end of the day. My eyeliner sorta creased on apparently, it's more obvious in this photo than it was in real life. I also lost a bit on the corners where I couldn't help myself and itched or rubbed a little. It's hard during these long science lectures, especially ones early in the morning! :)

Hope you enjoyed, which is your favorite? Do you like doing mono-toned looks or do you prefer to pair many different colors? I love to do both, but I definitely think a good monotone just looks flattering.


  1. So cute. I love the first bright green one, but I have an addiction to lime green shadows. I'm totally addicted to colors, so most of the time I try to to keep it to 4-5 colors tops, but I agree with you.. when I'm in a hurry I like to try to just throw one color and a highlight on or something :D

  2. I'm a green fiend so I love both of these! They both look really vibrant- the first one looks great for your skin tone too. Good stuff :D

  3. @ MrsKitty- I admit, I also have an addiction to the lime green color family. No matter how many greens I acquire, I still find new exciting ones to lust after, haha.

    @Robyn, thanks! I think vibrant is so much fun, and once I get my glasses on, it softens the hit a bit so it isn't so in your face, :).