Tuesday, January 18, 2011

EOTD 1/18

No smiles today, none of my pictures would come out right, blurry, or my head looked really tiny next to my boobs and I was like, no way. So yeah, here is a semi-happy full face. The sun was super bright and in my eyes. I used a nameless white, and then Wonder from Face Candy Couture . This color is amazing, It blended out wonderfully, and was the perfect shade of purple bordering pink that I haven't been able to make myself.

And in natural light...


  1. woww..so pretty honey..i love this makeup look..you are so pretty.

  2. This look is very sweet and romantic to me. Would be great for Valentine's Day. :-)

  3. @Rakhshanda-Thank you so much for stopping by and for the compliment! :)

    @Blix, you know, it definitely does have that romantic Valentines day feel :). Thanks!