Monday, August 29, 2011

Tutorial- Rainbow Gradients part 2

So yesterday I did the pink to blue gradient, today I have for you the yellow to red gradient. I think this came out really cool even without further blending, it looked like a golden fiery wing. Totally awesome :) Can't wait to replicate this one for a going out look. As I was doing this though, I found that I do not have a very good, bright orange. I love the color I used, I just didn't have something that could compete with the red.

I started out this eye the same as the other, Foiling Jazz and then Super Sailor Moon by Persephone. This is a light, shimmery yellow, really gorgeous. I didn't spread this one out as much as the pink-blue gradient, and kept it tighter on the inner eye.
Then I applied a brighter yellow, Usagi, also by Persephone, next. I applied it on a narrow tornado shaped band, wider at the top and bottom with a blended strip between them.
Next I applied Venus Crystal Power, with a little bit of another TKB kit orange that was slightly darker. This I applied more in a large boomerang around Usagi. 
I confidently skipped a step with the photos, I thought I had gotten each one but I was wrong, sorry guys! What you didn't see was me apply Princess Mars, Persephone, around the edge of the orange. I left a small triangular space to put the next color, Love Bite by VIE. I curved that down the edge of my eye and again repeated the colors along my lower lid. 
All cleaned up, like I said, I thing it looks awesome, but I need a bright orange. :)


  1. I really like this! I'm going to have to try it out tomorrow

  2. You should try Candy Corn or Koi by VIE. They are excellent bright oranges. :)

  3. Thanks! I've been lusting after Koi, it may have to make it's way into my stash soon!