Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tutorial- Rainbow Gradients part 1

So recently I went over to my moms house for food and pool time, and had two of my best friends over. We splashed around and one complimented my makeup and was curious how to do it, so I decided to make a tutorial on it, since it's another one of those looks I do all the time. I like having rainbow eyes :) So here I have a pink to blue gradient, and a yellow to red gradient. We'll start off with the pink-blue for part one, and the yellow and red for a part two. Here we go!

I have no photo for my first step, but I clean my face up, and then I apply a layer of Candy's Sweet Treat's  Foiling Jazz. I know that's not how most people use it, but since my shadow stick ran out a few weeks ago, that's what I've been doing and it seems to work fairly well, so I'm gonna keep on until I get a base/primer! I let it set until it feels just the slightest bit tacky, then I go to work. If something gets too tacky before I get to it, just the tiniest bit of dampness on a pinky lets it get sticky again. Allright, so then..
I started out with VIE Mew, it's light, but you should be able to see that I followed the contour of my eye and I wanted this look to be big, so I went much further over my crease than I normally do. I pulled this color out to cover about half my lid, I'll be blending on top. 
In a fan shape I spread out a second darker pink, Swoon by Facebomb Cosmetics. I try and blend into the lighter pink. I pull the dark pink along the edge, creating a very slight crease line above the light pink.
On top of Swoon I start brushing on Vicious, also by FC. Again, I'm following a sort of boomering shape in my blending, I didn't want straight lines between the colors, but a soft curve that sort of mimics natural shadows.
Again, I add a darker color, this time Harlette by VIE, just along the edge of Vicious. Still following my boomerang curve. I also keep curving the outside edge in a similar shape to my eye with a more rounded, flared outer corner. 
Finally I add The World by VIE to the corner, finishing the shape around my eye and blending down around the corner of my eye. Then in the same order as on my lid, I spread the colors below my eye, blending out into The World. 
Product; I could have blended more, but I was trying to show the basic shapes I apply before I go in and blend the crap out of it. :)

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