Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Final Lab Review; Special Senses

Other posts that have diagrammed photos.

Neuron and Axon

Cranial Nerves (Fixed!!)

Osteon models and Tarsal Bones

Carpals, Bones, Skin

figure 1
Above: Figure 1
Below: Figure 2
figure 2

figure 3
Above: Figure 3
Below: Figure 4
figure 4

figure 5
Above: Figure 5
Below: Figure 6
figure 6

figure 7
Above: Figure 7
Below: Figure 8
figure 8

Figure 1:
A: Superior Oblique
B: Superior Rectus
C: Sclera
D: Lateral Rectus
E: Inferior Oblique
F: Corneum
G: Inferior Rectus
H: Medial Rectus

Figure 2:

A: Anterior Chamber
B: Posterior Chamber
C: Lens

Figure 3:

A: Semicircular canals
B: Cochlea
C: Vestibulocochlear nerves

Figure 4:

A: Tympanic Membrane
B: Malleus
C: Incus
D: Stapes
E: Semicircular canals
F: Cochlea
G: Vestibulocochlear nerves

Figure 5:

A: Ciliary Body
B: Retina
C: Optic Nerve

Figure 6:

A: Stapes
B: Incus
C: Malleus

Figure 7:

A: Innervated by Glossopharyngeal IX
B: Fungiform Papillae
C: Circumvallete Papillae
D: Filiform Papillae
E: Innervated by Facial VII

Figure 8:

A: Pupil
B: Iris

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