Saturday, April 30, 2011

Caturday #17

Good afternoon, fellow caturday lubbers! Only a few photos of the cats this week, all focused on a pair of birds taunting them outside of our kitchen window.


And here is the yummy food I made this morning! :D The first one is my boyfriends three egg omelette. I added in diced jalapeños directly into the scrambled eggs, so they were cooked throughout and their juices raised the heat level of the entire omelette a notch. Then I had cheddar cheese and ham slices in the center. Topped off with hot salsa, this was a delicious spicy wake-up!
For some reason, food I cook for myself always comes out uglier than the food I make for others. Haha, thankfully, it tastes just as delicious :). Mine below was a two egg omelette made in the same manner as described above.

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