Friday, April 8, 2011

Combo post! EOTD: 4/3 + bows!

 So recently I ordered some bows from Punk Rock Padding, however I ordered right off of her FB page. Seriously, it took me a WEEK or more to choose the fabrics I wanted for these bows, there were so many choices. Eventually I ended up with these guys, 12 bows for 29 including shipping. Things I REALLY loved about this transaction
1. She made them like that *snaps*. I got my bows I think within a week-week 1/2 after I ordered, and these are on the spot handmade products!
2. Quality! These are just awesome bows, I love how well they are sewn together, and the clip they are on is really sturdy. My hair is really thick so it tends to weaken clips, but I think these ones will withstand that :)

Would I order again? HELL YEAH! I really want a bow in almost every fabric she has XD I love hair accessories. She also makes totes, baby stuff, makeup brush holders and a lot more!

 Most of the bows on a star cutout (I was wearing the second zebrah (purposeful misspelling here :) ))
One of my favorites is this cute purple bow with sleepy owls X3.

 Now for my EOTD, which was more like, eye of the night. I don't think I even left the house after doing this. Haha I'm wearing Plaid is Rad, Mohawk, and Sick from Virus Insanity Eyeshadows.


  1. Adorable bows and beautiful EOTD :)

  2. Thanks, I loove the bows so much, I needed a cute, simple accessory and these were perfect.