Monday, May 23, 2011

From the heart...

So, last semester, I had so much fun in Human Anatomy and Physiology, and the info just came so naturally and easily to me. So much so, apparently, that I am now the A&P tutor at my school! It is an actual, paying job, and I've been so excited about it. Today was my first day, and as I imagined, it was fairly slow. The only student I had come to the open lab, was actually a girl I had studied with last semester! She is taking A&P 2 over the summer, so even though I haven't taken the class, I looked it over with her, and basically, she taught me a bit, and I was able to impart the small amounts of knowledge I had about the heart and help her cement that knowledge into her brain. I think I'd be able to take their quiz tomorrow and pass! So, of course, you know I had to take pictures and do some diagrams! So here is the heart, and it's many intricate parts.




Anterior Heart
Diagram A: Key below the jump!

Heart Cross section
Diagram B: Key below the jump!

Posterior Heart
Diagram C: Key below the jump!
Diagram A:
A. Superior Vena cava
B. Pulmonary Trunk
C. Right Auricle
D. Aorta 
E. Left Pulmonary Artery
F. Left Pulmonary Veins
G. Left Auricle
H. Apex

Diagram B:
A. Aorta
B. Pulmonary Trunk
C. Left Pulmonary Artery
D. Left Atrium
E. Left Pulmonary Veins
F. Bicuspid Valve
G. Endocardium
H. Myocardium
I. Epicardium
J. Papillary Muscle
K. Left Ventricle 
L. Right Ventricle 
M. Trabeculae Carneae
N. Chordae Tendineae
O. Tricuspid Valve
P. Pulmonary Valve
Q. Right Atrium 
R. Superior Vena Cava

Diagram C:
A. Aorta 
B. Left Pulmonary Artery
C. Left Pulmonary Veins
D. Inferior Vena Cava
E. Right Pulmonary Veins
F. Right Pulmonary Artery
G. Superior Vena Cava

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