Monday, May 9, 2011

EOTD: 4/16 and 5/8

I have been so behind, I am sorry my readers! :) School let out last week and so that means I pretty much became a vegetable for awhile. Now of course I'm starting to get the, "I've got nothing to do " jitters, so I figured I'd actually write up some blogs. I completely missed the past caturday, sorry for anyone who looked forward to them! I actually had some great cat photos too, I guess I'll save them for next caturday :). Now, today I am showing you my EOTD for mother's day, and then one that just got lost within my photo files. 

Above; My jasmine tea, the awesome elephant teapot, and a bigger teapot full of peach roses, so pretty! I love the Thai place :)
I used an Aromaleigh Oops! color, the bright green, and then Virus Insanity Eyeshadow's Midnight Kiss, bright blue. :) All over Candy's Sweet Treats Foiling Jazz.

Then we have a lost EOTD from April 16th.

Here I used another Aromaleigh Oops! VIE Burnt, and Harlett. :)

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